The 28th Lincoln Greenlands Scout Group is over 30 years old having started back in 1979. Our meeting place is the Greenlands Outdoor Centre on Larne Road, Brant Road in Lincoln and we provide a full Scouting programme for boys and girls aged 6 – 18.

Beavers is the first section in our group. Boys and girls can join when they are 6 until their 8th Birthday when they move to Cubs. As a Beaver, you take part in a number of activities including crafts, games, local visits and even short camps or sleepovers.
Boys and Girls can join cubs from age 8 and stay until they are 10 and a half. At Cubs they are introcuded to more adventurous activities like hiking and canoeing and they also take part in longer camps. They also start to learn essential Scouting skills like tying knots and map reading.
Boys and Girls can joing Scouts from when they are 10 and a half until they are 14. At Scouts they enhance the skills they started to learn in cubs as well as taking part in more adventurous activites which can include things like caving, night hikes and expeditions. They also have the opportunity to take part in week long camps including jamboree's attended by thouands of other Scouts from this country and all around the world. They are also given the opportunity at Scouts to take on more leadership roles and start to develop skills which will be useful to them later in life.
Our group is linked to an Explorer unit called "Spartans Explorers" which is for ages 14 - 18. At Explorers the young people are much more in control of what activities they take part in which can range from camping and hiking to social actiities.
What we do Together
We have lots of events throughout the year which all 4 sections do together. In November we all attend the local church for remembrance Sunday, in April it is Lincoln District's St Geog=rges Day Parade which we all take part in along with all the other Scouts from around Lincoln. We sometimes also run camps which are attended by all sections.